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Our Services

Research & Market Intelligence
Capital markets research is required by all investors whether local or foreign, high net worth individuals, corporate bodies, institutional investors or retail investors (individuals) to make informed and rational investment decisions in the light of facts and realities. The top 5 crypto payment gateways.

The Analyst provides high quality and customized capital market research which can be utilized by small and large firms or individuals on long or short-term basis. Our services are determined to accomplish your needs and requirements in the manner that is the most convenient for you.

We cover all major areas of capital market research, analysis and professional report writing. Our market research covers both the primary and secondary aspects of the market and specific services include bid presentation, due diligence and feasibility reports, focus group sessions, and trend analytics.



Analyst Services
We house a team of professional analysts who work for you to ensure that you get high quality financial research and analysis at truly minimized costs. Our financial research and analysis service is independent, dependable and economically worthwhile.

We provide comparative financial research & analysis on companies or industries of your choice. Comparative analysis can provide investors with an insight into different aspects of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks encompassing a company or industry compared with its peers.

Our industry/sector research provides an in-depth insight into the risks, opportunities and competitive analysis of any industry or sector of your choice. Research and analysis conducted by our analysts are presented and delivered to you in formal report layout.

We are able to deploy a rich complement of local and international researchers, analysts and academics to provide a qualitative and quantitative analyst service that delivers both fundamental and technical analysis of quoted (and unquoted) entities in Nigeria. The rich database deployed by Proshare allows it to offer specific company research, sentiments and data analysis to users promptly and reliably.



Offers & Rights Support Service
Our history of successful engagements in the market and engagement selection choices has provided us with an understanding of the routes to the market. We deploy, on behalf of clients, a quality and credible engagement service that disseminates, promotes and engages non-institutional investors to participate in the desirable offers and fund raising executions in an ethical manner.



IR Service Support
Dealing with investors over the years has revealed a need for information is key, but much more is the need to have someone explain and clarify things to you. We provide a service that is able to bridge this divide in service execution by leading IR firms and offer it as a complementary service to their engagement imperatives.

Quoted companies with a desire to expand their financial communication reach with well developed operational models for execution, development of a financial & Investor Relations service project guide, corporate communications advisory retainership and strategic consulting will find this service complementary.



Alert & Subscription Services
Working through technology service providers, we currently run a mobile alert service which sends information to our various subscribers with the keywords - INVESTOR and MARKET on Airtel Mobile Service (with on-going discussions with other mobile service providers and text messaging firms).  This informs our subscribers’ on latest headlines in relation to Investors and as well as market positions on a daily basis and ‘as-it-happens’ basis.

TheANALYST has some subscription-access sections that require users of the service to be fully subscribed to otherwise subscription to the website is free and requires only a simple registration process.



Market Recommendations
We provide professional help by publishing equity recommendations in-house and also from our partner brokers which will help investors to make informed decisions in order to ride the waves and realize the greatest returns on their investments.


Proshare Consult
Proshare Consult is our ‘high-end’ thought-led strategic and financial consulting service which allows us to work with and through leading service providers to resolve an issue, development or provide insight into how an organization may handle change and opportunity.



Event & Seminars Coverage
Proshare News & Investigations (NI) and WebTV provides media and communications support coverage for AGMs, seminars, workshops, conferences, roadshows, briefing sessions, meetings, town-hall interactions, product & service launch, enlightenment campaigns, company rewards & recognition programs, awards ceremonies and special events. We do this directly and through a host of technical, broadcast and publishing partners.

Kindly send an e-mail to


File a Complaint
Your complaint is an essential resource for regulatory supervision and enforcement officers, the CSCS, IR managers of quoted companies, registrars, issuing houses, offer advisers, law enforcement officials and Proshare. These groups review investor complaints to spot trends, build cases against those engaged in malpractices, and in our case, help you resolve seemingly intractable problems.

You can file a complaint about any or/and all investment related issues by clicking here




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The Analyst is a market service provided by Proshare Nigeria Limited.
Registered Office: Plot 590B, Lekan Asuni Close, Off Toyin Omotosho Street, Omole Phase II, Isheri LGA, P.O. Box 18782, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Telephone +234 1 762 4131 Registered in Nigeria.