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   Market Date: 25-07-2014   
Continental Re: Bulls are rising by taking support of an uptrend line

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We want to encourage creative, original and thought-provoking discussions.The comments in our forums, blogs and news posts are not to be used as a free platform for the following:

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  5. You will not retaliate to offensive posts. This causes problems for other users. You must report such messages to us and we will fully investigate every report we receive.

NB: If you see or receive any communication in our website that does not comply with these Terms or that you consider is inappropriate, please report this immediately to We do not monitor the comments nor do we exercise any form of editorial control or censorship of any message on our news posts, forums and blogs but will act once such is noticed or brought to our attention.

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*Disclaimer: Quotes from the website including comments made thereon may be used in news articles as these are purely for editorial comment.

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