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   Market Date: 25-07-2014   
Continental Re: Bulls are rising by taking support of an uptrend line
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Message from CEO

As I look back at the journey from inception to date, I cannot help but be in awe of how far the market and the service has come during six long years; and now I am even more excited about the prospects of the market beyond 2013 when viewed against the limiting constraints we have had to confront with.

The future looks bright for the country as it does for the Nigerian Capital Markets to whom we remain committed to.

Our transition since 2006 has been built on the back of a disciplined commitment to innovation, creativity and best-in-class professionalism; a feat we are proud of given the environmental limitations and pervading negativity that defined the post-financial crisis years in our market.

Looking back, to have successfully evolved an organic growth through a dark period in the annals of our capital market whilst rendering quality but free services, and berthing innovative product/services was a tough ask, but it would have mattered less if we survived but failed to earn the trust, loyalty and confidence of clients, advertisers and consumers along the way. That in itself is what we find gratifying at the end of the day.

We consider our strides thus far a building block in the new market evolving and recognize the need to rededicate ourselves as we enter into a more technological savvy market with operators and regulators who ‘gets it’. The landscape is one of unbridled innovation, creativity, and best practice across stakeholder groupings – creating a seismic change in the route and approach to the market.

We got thus far with the conviction, personal sacrifice and desire of our inspired personnel at all levels of the service to ensure that the proshare platform survives as a symbol of our resilience. We recognize that to sustain the service ethos, we have a lot to learn now and a lot more to give to a retail market still grappling with the rate of change that is occurring.

This appears easier to write than it was to experience. Truth is that this has been a roller coaster ride of sorts. It has at times left me perspiring as it has inspired in me the spirit and motivation that berthed the company in the first place.


Today, I see new grounds and possibilities that could not have been imagined possible in the span of time we have existed that encourages a new sense of commitment and personal debt of gratitude and indebtedness to a select group of entities who have worked above and beyond the call of duty to make proshare a continuing reality.

As the founder, this is so much more than me now. Much more! This is now about you and those that will be entrusted with the responsibility of building a virile and locally built market information service that can be accessed by the retail investors.

Proshare is in every sense much more than a website, and indeed much more than a company owned by a few. It is an ideal that people in the market seek and yet few are able to commit to seeing happen. Yet, with the support of patrons, supporters and advertisers, we have been able to launch new versions of the service year in, year out - enough to push further the frontiers of ‘what is possible’ whilst removing the obvious barriers that can slow down the momentum of innovation and change.   

We are today, the change we seek; and you are the one that has made it possible for us to even imagine it can be done by your patronage, feedback and contributions. We can much more than our reality allows and the challenge going forward has to be about how we work much closely with you to creatively build solutions that are useful for all.

Therefore, as we set forth with the new Proshare 6.0 website (specifically the launch of ‘TheANALYST’ portal and the continuing development of new domains on the proshare suite of services); I humbly invite your support and patronage in making it the complimentary service we hope it will become.


Our market is going through a phase that will bring forth a multitude of changes from process to platform and from practice to performance; even as the fundamentals will remain the same. Your proshare service will reflect these changes and equally retain the fundamentals of our engagement with you.

The key deliverable of the project execution team therefore is the creation of a service that aggregates the market opportunities and reduces the learning curve of the changes that will ensue. Our task is to provide a platform that will empower, enlighten and educate the retail consumers to embrace the capital market as a veritable means of legitimate wealth building in our country.

Years back, this looked like a pipe-dream; yet today, given the positive strides made by market operators, the apex regulator and the Nigerian Stock Exchange – the dream has become a reality for forward looking entities.

We see ourselves playing a key role here with the retail investment market.

On behalf of the entire staff of Proshare, we say a big thank you for the unique opportunity you have given us to be a part of your information value chain. Thank you!

Yours to serve,

Olufemi M. Awoyemi, FCA, Fiapm, AIod, ACIT
CEO, Proshare
July 30, 2013

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