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AMCON Announces Sale of Shares in Enterprise, Keystone and Mainstreet Banks
2013-05-17 22:42:42
The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) today announced the commencement of the final process leading to the full divestment of its shares in the fully owned AMCON banks (Enterprise, Keystone and Mainstreet Banks).


2013-05-13 17:27:38

Could we have started WWIII?

A few days ago, a colleague I was talking to asked me if I foresaw the world ever entering a stage of war that could be called World War III.
2013-04-26 11:26:16

Inheritance and Gift Taxes - Legal Alert � April 2013

The generally held opinion in Nigeria is that there is no Inheritance and Gift Taxes in Nigeria. This is despite the enforcement of a Ten per cent (10%) (10%) Estate Fee charged on a deceased person's Estate when the Administrators or Executors of
2013-04-25 15:06:07

Evolutionary Studies: Developing Nigeria�s Knowledge Economy

The Nigerian government has the intention of becoming one of the top twenty global economies by the year 2020. Aptly titled Vision 2020, this future view of progress will not be fulfilled unless the nation substantially develops its knowledge economy, a
2013-04-19 09:10:25

Comparative Analysis of the Nigerian and Liberian Local Contents Act

Nigeria and Liberia share a lot in common in terms of political instability and richness in natural resources. This author has always been in favor of appointing tested professionals as cabinet members in the Nigerian polity. The accomplishments of Harvar
2013-04-09 18:52:06

Is Tunisia the New Hot Spot for Energy Investors?

Until recently Tunisia was considered to be a minor league and relatively underexplored venue in Africa's rapidly expanding oil & gas scene. This situation has quickly changed with new bid rounds and forced relinquishments creating an opportunity for new
2013-04-02 09:40:37

Mediocrity (not corruption) is Nigeria�s Greatest Problem

I used to think corruption was Nigeria's biggest problem, but I'm starting to doubt that. Every time I probe into one of the many issues this country is encountering, at the core I find the same phenomenon: the widespread celebration of mediocrity.
2013-04-01 10:36:08

UK financial regulation overhauled

The UK's banking regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), has been abolished and replaced with two successor organisations.
2013-03-29 08:07:45

Royal Bank of Scotland sued for misleading investors in 2008 crisis

Fred Goodwin, RBS's chief when it announced the second largest loss in UK corporate history, could be summoned to give evidence. Photograph: MCP/Rex Features
2013-03-25 13:58:11

Companies, Other Legal Entities Formation and Taxation

In Nigeria, the most common form of business formation and registration is a registered company. Under Nigerian Law, a company is a voluntary association of a number of persons united to carry on a particular line of business for economic gain.
2013-03-19 11:08:43

Africa Must Get Real about Chinese Ties

Nigeria, a country with a large domestic market of more than 160m people, spends huge resources importing consumer goods from China that should be produced locally. We buy textiles, fabric, leather goods, tomato paste, starch, furniture, electronics, buil
2013-03-14 15:22:36

Testimony of Mary Jo White - SEC Nominee on Market Structure Reform

In an effort to tamp down concerns that her experience as a top corporate defense lawyer would color her decision-making, Mary Jo White said Tuesday that "no institution would be too big to charge" if she is confirmed as head of the Securities and Exchang
2013-03-08 09:33:19

US Firms Send Record Cash Back to Investors

U.S. companies are showering investors with a record windfall in the form of dividends and share buybacks, helping to propel the stock market's rally. Companies in the S&P 500 index are expected to pay at least $300 billion in dividends in 2013, according
2013-03-07 08:33:42

Cases in Valuation: A personal opinion on Nestle & Aso Savings

In view of the great discrepancy between the business fundamentals of a large number of companies and the prices of their common stock, and the underperformance in the business operation of others, I only deem it appropriate that I share my thoughts on tw
2013-03-06 21:02:44

Peak Oil Is Almost Here and There's No Magic To Counter It: Interview with Dave Summers

This where we stand, and it's a fairly bleak view: Peak oil is almost here, and nothing new (with the possible but unlikely exception of Iraq) is coming online anytime soon and while the clock is ticking - forward movement on developing renewable energy r
2013-03-05 07:54:13

Have Investors Finally Cracked the Stock-Picking Code?

Believe it or not, there could be a new holy grail for investors.
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