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Forever Garnet Concessions

Discount for Gamecock Club members

Forever Garnet was designed to enhance your experience with Gamecock Athletics! We want you to continue to make memories with us. One of the three pillars Forever Garnet is Forever Garnet Concessions.

Forever Garnet Concessions is currently tailored towards Gamecock Club members. However, throughout the next year, more fans will have access to parts of this pillar through Forever Garnet Rewards.

With Forever Garnet Concessions, Gamecock Club members will now be able to receive a 10% discount on certain concessions items at specific stands at Williams-Brice Stadium, Colonial Life Arena (for Athletics’ events) and Founders Park.

How do I receive the discount?

Gamecock Club members will need to have their Forever Garnet ID (which can be viewed in the Forever Garnet App) scanned at checkout at eligible stands.

If it’s your first time logging into the app or portal as a Gamecock Club member, click the forget password button and enter the email connected to your membership. You will receive an email with information on resetting your password.

What stands can I use the discount at and what items are discounted??

Concessions discounts are available at all of our permanent concession stands within Williams-Brice Stadium. You can find the Forever Garnet logo on our digital mapfor each available discount.

Have questions?

If you have questions on Forever Garnet Concessions, check out our frequently asked questions on the program.

Frequently Asked Questions